August 2017 · Fist Pump Friday

Don’t Forget the Sawdust

#FPF – Week 64 Sawdust… Something most would agree is the byproduct of viable creation.  The cast off scraps. Luftwaffe pilot and inventor Max Himmelheber would beg to differ.  In the early 20th century, Max played a very important role in the “elevation” of sawdust, using it as the base for his biggest creation.  Responding to the … Continue reading “Don’t Forget the Sawdust”

People Connect with People

#FPF – Week 62 Over the last 13 years in the marketing services field, we have worked on thousands of ad campaigns – deployed over a variety of mediums (print, web, social media and video). One stand-out fact taken from these interactions is that the most successful campaigns have been those where the people consuming a … Continue reading “People Connect with People”