June 2017 · Fist Pump Friday

Add Value, with Zero Talent

#FPF – Week 56 We’d all agree that being involved with most aspects of business requires some level of talent.  What is often forgotten/overlooked however, are some very crucial things that require zero talent, but add huge value to your organization. Accordingly, here is my list of the 5 most important things that require no … Continue reading “Add Value, with Zero Talent”

People Eat with Their Eyes First

#FPF – Week 55 People “eat” with their eyes first.  Whether it’s a juicy burger or the new Tesla Model S – your first interaction is always one of evaluating visual appearance.  Once you have determined that the visual appearance meets your satisfaction, it’s on to smells, touch and/or taste. There’s a reason why top … Continue reading “People Eat with Their Eyes First”