December 2017 · Fist Pump Friday

Search, As a Service

#FPF – Week 81 Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! At Captivation, we specialize in telling the unique stories of the subject matter experts (SME’s) we work with.  Although they may play in the same sandboxes as their competitors, our clients have a unique approach, methodology or process that sets them apart from the … Continue reading “Search, As a Service”

Give the Gift of Brand Ambassadors this Season

#FPF – Week 80 Brand Ambassador:  Someone who embodies the brand he/she is endorsing, providing the brand with credible promotion and visibility. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?  And while every small business owner would love to find several brand ambassadors underneath their Christmas tree, it’s not that easy.  No matter how much you beg, Santa … Continue reading “Give the Gift of Brand Ambassadors this Season”

The Digital Marketer’s Holiday Checklist

#FPF – Week 78 With the fast-moving pace of the Holiday Season, it is often common to get caught up in the crazy and miss crucial elements of your marketing.  To that end – here is your Holiday Digital Marketing Checklist so you can rock this season! 1: Leverage Mobile Everyone is carrying a mini … Continue reading “The Digital Marketer’s Holiday Checklist”