February 2018 · Fist Pump Friday

We’re Suckers for an Origin Story

#FPF – Week 88 Bruce Wayne became Batman after witnessing the death of his parents and vowed to stand up for the world’s injustice; Tony Stark became Iron Man after realizing that the people holding him hostage were using the weapons his company produced to hurt the innocent;  Jack Napier became the Joker after falling … Continue reading “We’re Suckers for an Origin Story”

The Long-Term Value of Loyal Employees

#FPF – Week 86 I am writing this message on Thursday evening – having just come back from a wedding rehearsal/dinner for Wes (Director of Operations for Captivation) and his soon-to-be bride Melissa.  As I reflect on the last 15 years that the company has been in existence, and all of the crazy times along with way, one … Continue reading “The Long-Term Value of Loyal Employees”