November 2016 · Fist Pump Friday

Giving Back – Strategic Planning for 2017

#FPF – Week 26 Thank you for everyone’s support over the last 26 weeks and hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving! This is the season of giving and to show my gratitude to the #FPF community – I am offering free, one-hour consultations to discuss your strategic plan for rocking it in 2017.  Click … Continue reading “Giving Back – Strategic Planning for 2017”

Your Attitude Dictates Your Environment

#FPF – Week 24 In talking with various people over the past week – I have found myself in numerous conversations about how the Holiday season brings out the ugly in people.  Gone are many of the gracious tendencies and goodwill gestures that used to accompany this time of year, replaced with a “get out … Continue reading “Your Attitude Dictates Your Environment”