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Everyone is in the Business of Marketing

#FPF – Week 23

Hope you had a great Halloween. (How is it November already?!)

As we put away our costumes for another year and set our sights on the Holidays – I encourage you to remember one very important fact: We are all in the business of marketing. Whether you are the CEO, or the one who empties the waste paper baskets – marketing truly is a shared task.

Sure, you may have a “marketing” department, but marketing is so much more than Facebook ads and email blasts – it’s the visual and emotional representation of your brand’s DNA that lives (or at least it should live) within each member of your team. One shining example of this concept is shared year after year by the employees of WestJet and their “Christmas Miracles” campaigns.

Check out their most recent video to learn more about their mission:

As the video clearly illustrates, WestJet is a “people company” that truly cares about the individuals that fly with them – not just in the sense of safely getting someone from point A to B, but in knowing what is truly important to them and enabling each of their 12,000+ employees to deliver amaze and delight where they need it most. That’s what I’m talking about!

Great PR? You bet! But it’s also great team building, and not mention, they are instilling their “we are committed to serving of customers” brand promise into each and every person who works for them – one gift at a time.

What’s Your “Miracle” Opportunity?

What can you do this year to get your team involved in sharing the spirit of the season, while connecting others with the essence of what your brand truly represents? You don’t have much time, but I challenge you to give it a try. Your clients and customers will love you for it!

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!