Your Company’s “WIIFM”

#FPF – Week 48 Can you answer the “WIIFM” of your product or service for your client or customer? WIIFM (pronounced “wif-em”) stands for “What’s In It For Me”   This phrase is directly tied to the unique value proposition that should be communicated about each and every product, service or concept you offer. Successfully … Continue reading “Your Company’s “WIIFM””

Don’t “Should” on Yourself…

#FPF – Week 46 Don’t “should” on yourself… All too often, we wind up putting things off for the sake of being [comfortable] and then when we see others achieving the things we wish we had – we say “I should have done that…” As a kid, I’d hear “grown ups” saying “wait til you … Continue reading “Don’t “Should” on Yourself…”

April Fools as a Marketing Strategy

#FPF – Week 45 April 1st (April Fools Day) has always been notorious as being a day when friends play tricks on one another. In recent years, marketers have also began leveraging this day as a great opportunity to build virality into the brands they represent, as well as sparking new brand awareness through the … Continue reading “April Fools as a Marketing Strategy”