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Ready for Takeoff

#FPF – Week 47

Building on the concepts of last week’s article [not shoulding on yourself] and agreeing to say “yes” more than we say “no” – it’s time to start executing that goal you’ve been putting off.

Your plane is ready to taxi away from its gate, but until now, you’ve been reluctant to get things underway.  Perhaps the runway isn’t finished being built yet?

Julie and I don’t have kids, but our friends that do all say the same thing: “If we would have waited to have kids until we were truly ready – we would have never had them…

Sometimes you have to finish paving the runway as the plane is taking off, otherwise, you might not ever get things off the ground!

Here’s Your Pre-Flight Checklist for Achieving Your Goals

  1. Visualize Them – use a vision board or a list and keep it someplace you will see everyday.
  2. “Eat the Elephant” – one bite at a time, break your complex goals into smaller pieces that will be easier to manage.
  3. Tell People – the more you tell, the more people you are being held accountable by to fulfill the goals.
  4. Set Arrival Times – establish when you can realistically achieve your goals by and stick to the schedule!

You’re clear for takeoff – its time to apply the throttle and pull up on the sticks!  This is your time to make some big things happen!

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!

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