October 2016 · Fist Pump Friday

[Video] Webisode 5 – Facebook Live for Business

#FPF – Week 22 – Webisode 5 With recent algorithm changes, Facebook has shortened your business  page’s organic reach – making your static posts harder for your followers/fans to see without you boosting them or running ads. Utilizing Facebook’s new “live” features however, allow you the ability to gain additional organic reach.  Join Wes and … Continue reading “[Video] Webisode 5 – Facebook Live for Business”

Being Comfortable is Dangerous

#FPF – Week 20 Don’t get comfortable. Comfortable is dangerous.  What do I mean?  When you are comfortable you stop climbing, and when you stop climbing other people take your spot at the top of the hill. If you’re in a relationship, comfortable means you’re in danger of someone showing your mate that they are … Continue reading “Being Comfortable is Dangerous”