Fist Pump Friday · The Business Bloggings of Jim Martin, CEO of Captivation Media

Save the Drama for Your Mama (Not Your Clients)

#FPF – Week 113 We’ve all been there, you walk into a place of business and say “hello, how are you doing!?” and the employee begins to tell [exactly] how they are doing… Not pretty…  Hope you enjoy all of the crazy faces I make in this weeks video!  🙂 Thank you for watching and have … Continue reading “Save the Drama for Your Mama (Not Your Clients)”

Bigger Isn’t (Always) Better

#FPF – Week 112 When growing a small business, we often find ourselves frustrated with what it “can’t” do.  This video (captured during a random car ride home) throws another perspective at you worth considering.  Enjoy! Thank you for watching and have a great week ahead! <3 Jim @ Captivation

You LinkedIn? You Should Be…

#FPF – Week 109 Do you have a LinkedIn profile?  You should… What’s interesting, is that out of those people that do have a LinkedIn profile, only 49.5% have it fully-completed. This week’s video touches on more of these stats and aims to get your LinkedIn game back on track! Are we connected on LinkedIn? Why not?!  Connect with me here: Thank you for watching and have a great … Continue reading “You LinkedIn? You Should Be…”