July 2017 · Fist Pump Friday

You’re Only As Good As Your Last At-Bat

#FPF – Week 61 You’re only as good as your last at-bat… Over the last few weeks, we have talked about record breaking and importance of remaining on the constant offense – beating the goals you set for yourself yesterday.  The opening statement dovetails into these thoughts by underscoring that with all of the stimuli bombarding us … Continue reading “You’re Only As Good As Your Last At-Bat”

Excuses Are Like a Headless Hammer

#FPF – Week 58 Excuses / verb / ikˈskyo͞oz / Reasons we make up in the hopes of garnering validation/sympathy from others as to why something we were trying to achieve was/is not possible.   Bogus…   As anyone that spends time around me frequently (most notably, those who work on my team) would say – I … Continue reading “Excuses Are Like a Headless Hammer”