Excuses Are Like a Headless Hammer · Fist Pump Friday

Excuses Are Like a Headless Hammer

#FPF – Week 58

Excuses / verb / ikˈskyo͞oz /

Reasons we make up in the hopes of garnering validation/sympathy from others as to why something we were trying to achieve was/is not possible.




As anyone that spends time around me frequently (most notably, those who work on my team) would say – I speak to A LOT of people on a weekly basis.  Clients, potential clients, partners, friends, colleagues, etc…  Regardless of situation, when I ask a “hard” question such as: “how much time are you really spending on your business?” the excuses start to flow:

  • I don’t have enough time…
  • I don’t know how…
  • I’m too old to understand how that platform works…
  • I’m too young for people to take me seriously…



The Point?

Excuses in business are the equivalent to a craftsman trying to build a house with a headless hammer.  They are the crown atop a losing mindset – succeeding in achieving exactly (you guessed it) nothing.

A little under a year ago, on week 10 of #fpf, I wrote the article “when you say you can’t, it really means you won’t”  The next time you find yourself about to make an excuse for why things aren’t going the way you’d like, catch yourself, and remember that you are the decider of your own fate.  You have the power to change your situation.

Nothing worth anything in this life is easy to get (otherwise, nothing would be exciting anymore…)  Dump the excuses and challenge yourself to push through.  After all – you are your only limit.

Thank you for reading this and enjoy your weekend!