April Fools as a Marketing Strategy · Fist Pump Friday

April Fools as a Marketing Strategy

#FPF – Week 45

April 1st (April Fools Day) has always been notorious as being a day when friends play tricks on one another.

In recent years, marketers have also began leveraging this day as a great opportunity to build virality into the brands they represent, as well as sparking new brand awareness through the sharing of videos and imagery that “just can’t be true… can it?”

We as humans have grown accustomed to seeing email and social media marketing from the brands we follow.

We are so constantly bombarded with “BUY NOW”, and “BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!” that when we see something that seems 90% wacky, with the slight possibility of being true – we can’t help but pay attention.

This year was no exception.  Brands large and small threw their metaphorical hats into the ring to have some fun with their fan bases and here are a few of my favorites that had people all over the inter-webs saying: “is this for real?”

Razer Computer – “SAiSO” AI Sidekick

Google Inc – Google Gnome Yard Assistant

How can you work concepts like this into your own company’s marketing?  Is there a “new product or service” that could be shared in a dry/serious humor kind of way to have your fans saying: “no… this can’t be real…”?

Go on!  Have some fun with it – you’ve got a whole year to plan  😉

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!