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Your Attitude Dictates Your Environment

#FPF – Week 24

In talking with various people over the past week – I have found myself in numerous conversations about how the Holiday season brings out the ugly in people.  Gone are many of the gracious tendencies and goodwill gestures that used to accompany this time of year, replaced with a “get out of my way” mentality.

This got me thinking about something we talk about a lot in our office – explaining to every new team member that “they are a barometer” for the rest of the group.  Granted, everyone is entitled to a bad day, but when someone is consistently showing up in a bad mood – the collective energy in the room drops significantly and it negatively impacts the work.

That fact is not limited to this example alone, quite simply, everyone is a barometer for their own environment.  The energy you exude (positive or negative) has a way of coming back to you in a further amplified state (remember the phrase misery loves company? Unhappy people need to be unhappy together, because no one else can stand to be around them.)

Using the Force… For Good… Food.

My wife Julie and I love trying new dinner spots and supporting local restaurants.  We often find ourselves in a new town, at a small hole in the wall place we have never been to before.  As we sit down at the table, we give each other a smirk, because we know what’s about to happen. (what’s about to happen you ask?)  Our collective energies are focused on maximizing our experience and putting out to the room that we want to interact.  Within just a few minutes (and seemingly as consistent as gravity) someone from another table strikes up a conversation with us – telling us all about how great the items on the menu are and what to order to ensure we don’t miss a thing.  Before you know it, the owner of the restaurant is sitting at our table, laughing, sharing a glass of red wine and showing us pictures of his/her family.

Sounds silly I know, but it really does happen…  And our dinners are always better for it!

Harnessing the Force…

Now that you know that you are a barometer for every environment you are in (right down to the line at the supermarket) – it’s your turn to have some fun effecting an environment for the better.  Give it a try!  Here’s how to start:

1. Find an environment with people (check)
2. Begin to think about what experience you’d like to have with the people in that environment (check)
3. Clear your mind, lower your guard and (for God sake) SMILE (check)

When properly executed, those three steps can be the gateway to epic experiences and life-long connections with people that you never would have met otherwise.

Try it this weekend, I dare you.  I triple-dog dare you!  Write me back and let me know how it worked out.

Triple Dog Dare

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!

Jim @ Captivation