Are You the Unicorn? · Fist Pump Friday

Are You the Unicorn?

#FPF – Week 87

In business, you can choose to be the unicorn, or the rhinoceros

The unicorn is a fable creature that only comes around once in a great while and when you find it, you do whatever you can to hold onto it.  It is the business that is focused on customer service, as well as being forward-thinking with its products and service offers.  It pivots when it sees the market shifting to new seas and isn’t afraid to sail uncharted waters.  It is, quite simply, the stuff of legend.

The rhinoceros, although still majestic in many ways, is very different from the unicorn.  It is slower and less nimble than its one-horned counterpart.  It’s also very happy to graze the same plains and visit the same watering holes over and over.

An abundance of food and water may be comforting now, but it is not sustainable.  Watering holes dry up and grasses die off – quickly turning the “consumer” in the food chain, to theconsumed.

Be the Unicorn

My hope for you and your business is that you channel what would make you the unicorn in this scenario and go all-in on that.  What things can you do to make the competition appear to your clients/customers as the clear rhinoceros in the marketplace?

Answer the “So What?”, the “Who Cars?” and the “Why You?” (and do it before your competition does it for you.)

Be the stuff of legend…  Be the unicorn.

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!