Add Value, with Zero Talent · Fist Pump Friday

Add Value, with Zero Talent

#FPF – Week 56

We’d all agree that being involved with most aspects of business requires some level of talent.  What is often forgotten/overlooked however, are some very crucial things that require zero talent, but add huge value to your organization.

Accordingly, here is my list of the 5 most important things that require no talent:

1. Just Showing Up – this seems like a no-brainer, but if you’re not consistently achieving this one, you won’t find yourself employed for very long.

2. Being On Time – showing up is important, but showing up on time is equally as important.  Being on time (or early for that matter) shows the people you work with that you are serious about what you do, and shows your clients and customers that you care about them and their time.

3. Smiling – a recent search revealed it take 17 muscles to smile and as many as 43 muscles to frown.  Therefore, why not take the “easy route” and smile as much as you can?!  Better still, smiling releases positive endorphins in your body and genuinely makes you feel better. Not seeing a down side here…

4. Being Passionate – when you smile and speak passionately about what you do – others aspire to find ways to work with you and/or get others to work with you as well.  After all, if you aren’t passionate and excited about what you do, no one will be excited to buy what you’re selling.

5. Just Plain Giving a Damn – when you give a damn, it’s infectious.  Whether you’re a owner, an upper manager or a junior team member – when you show those around you care, it makes others care about you.


Granted, having talented team members is super important for our business, but if your team doesn’t poses the 5 things above – talent level is simply irrelevant…

Thank you for reading this and enjoy your weekend!