People Eat with Their Eyes First · Fist Pump Friday

People Eat with Their Eyes First

#FPF – Week 55

People “eat” with their eyes first.  Whether it’s a juicy burger or the new Tesla Model S – your first interaction is always one of evaluating visual appearance.  Once you have determined that the visual appearance meets your satisfaction, it’s on to smells, touch and/or taste.

There’s a reason why top chefs put so much effort into the presentation of a dish – because we as [self-proclaimed] connoisseurs have come to appreciate the effort expelled on making something look its very best.

The Point?

Presentation matters.  In everything.  Including your business and its associated marketing collateral.

What can you do to step your game up and improve the caliber of content (specifically visuals) being shared with your current and future clients and customers?

It’s summer time, things (for many of you) are slower than normal (tis the season).  Now is the time to experiment, iterate and learn what is working so when the busy season hits again – you will be a cut above the competition!

Thank you for reading this and enjoy your weekend!