What to Write About... · Fist Pump Friday

What to Write About…

#FPF – Week 57

I spoke with a few people this week about #firstpumpfriday and in both instances they asked “so where do you get your articles from?”

“From things that happened that week or things from my past” I replied.

Seeming surprised that I didn’t give them a magical link to a secret archive of blog articles, they asked “I’d like to do that too, but I’m not sure I’d know what to write about…”

The Answer?

Whatever lights your fire… Whatever you’re interested in… Whatever you could stand to write about for weeks and weeks and years.  If you are the foremost authority of finding cool gadgets for left-handed people – then that is what you should write about.

There is really no secret code other than that.  Much like in business, when you spend your time doing (or in this case writing about) something that you enjoy, you will spend more time and energy with it – without it feeling like work at all!

Another unexpected perk that can come from writing about topics that interest you is getting invited to cool things connected to that topic.

Case in point, Jeff and I wrote an article a few years back about marketing tips for haunted attraction owners and we were asked to speak at HAuNTcon – the nation’s largest yearly haunted attraction convention in the US!

The Point?

Don’t get caught up on what to write… Pick a topic you’d love to write about and never look back!  Who knows, you may find yourself in the middle of a haunted attraction conference, posing for a picture with your new friend “Molly” (pictured above)  🙂  It can happen…

Thank you for reading this and enjoy your weekend!