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People Connect with People

#FPF – Week 62

Over the last 13 years in the marketing services field, we have worked on thousands of ad campaigns – deployed over a variety of mediums (print, web, social media and video).

One stand-out fact taken from these interactions is that the most successful campaigns have been those where the people consuming a product or service have been given the opportunity to connect directly with those people that represent the brand itself.  

It does not matter weather you are a restaurant, a manufacturer, a non-profit or a creative agency – when you make the human aspects of your business most visible to the ones who want to buy from you, great things happen.

Case in point, here are some examples of what we refer to as “pioneer videos” and how they can connect people to brands:

El Toro Bravo Restaurant

A staple of Sarasota for over 11 years, El Toro Bravo Mexican Restaurant was founded on sourcing quality (local) ingredients, assembled by loving hands and served by family.  It is these principles that quickly gained Chef Ruben Caban and his team high ratings – further enabling them to expand from their 800sqft restaurant space, to their now 4,000sqft location just up the street!  In this video: “I Welcome You to El Toro Bravo” Chef Ruben takes us through a normal week, sourcing ingredients and showing the care and love that goes into every dish that comes out of his kitchen.

Tanner Tees

The number one batting tee of professional baseball, Tanner Tees is undisputed leader in manufacturing professional batting tees and hitting aids for both baseball and softball players of all ages.  In this video: “Pioneering the FlexTop” we hear from the company’s founder, Joe Tanner to learn how the company got its start, as well as younger team member Zach who shares his insight on the care and attention that goes into each every product the company makes.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Sarasota County

A brand that is near and dear to my/my team’s heart, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Sarasota County encompasses 5 physical locations, with over 4000 members served.  A place to become, these individuals are mentored and led by a team of staff that truly care about their well-being and overall success in whatever they aspire to be in life.  In this video: “My Dream is…” we followed a group of members and supporters at each of the county clubs as they shared messages about their dreams for the future.  What came next was something truly heart-warming and amazing.

Captivation Media

A shameless plug?  Absolutely! 🙂 What can I say, I am proud of what we have built over the last 13+ years and am not afraid to share it!  In this video: “The New American Pioneer” we used a passage inspired by our friends at Shipwreck Dandy who cite a Walt Whitman passage as the content of their “about us” page.  The verbiage fit perfectly with the feel we were looking for and showcases the grit that accompanies entrepreneurship.  Since its launch on our website and social media earlier this year, we have received countless new client engagements from those whom have viewed and connected with its message.

The Point?

People connect with the [people] who represent your brand, not simply the brand itself.

I know that it’s never a comfortable thing to open yourself up to public criticism, but for those businesses willing to connect clients/customers with the people that make the brand what it is – you have way more to gain than you have to lose.  After all – the people that matter the most are and will always be in this instance: your raving fans!

Thank you for reading this and enjoy your weekend!