Always On Offense · Fist Pump Friday

Always On Offense

#FPF – Week 65

Offense: it’s one half of the actions played in just about any game – the other half (of course) being defense.  It can be argued that you need both a strong offense and defense to win the game, but I’m reminded of the old adage: “there’s no defense, like a good offense…”  What does that mean?  To me, it means that if your offense game is on point, your defensive players will spend very little time on the field – leaving you to rack up the points on the scoreboard.

The Point?

In business, you are always (or should always be) playing a game of offense.  This means that you are being proactive with client/customer follow-ups, solving problems before they become problems and genuinely looking for ways to proactively make your business better/faster/stronger…  forever…  never wavering… never getting comfortable

Thank you for reading this and enjoy your weekend!