The Truth Doesn't Change... · Fist Pump Friday

The Truth Doesn’t Change…

#FPF – Week 63

“The truth doesn’t change” is a phrase I picked up a while ago – in the context of never being caught in a lie (because the truth doesn’t change).  

That being said, there are certain truths in your own business that are not only unique to you, but are the genetic makeup of your organization.  Competitors can try to imitate what you do, but consumers are smart.  They can pick something out that isn’t genuine from a mile away (and nothing puts someone off faster that being lied to).

The Point?

Your truth is just that: Yours!  Use it to your advantage to garner new fans and keep them singing your praises for years to come.  Tell people about how you got started, what struggles you endured throughout the process, what you love most about the work you do, etc…  Your story is uniquely yours and it’s as good as patented  🙂   

Thank you for reading this and enjoy your weekend!