Wild Horses Run Faster · Fist Pump Friday

Wild Horses Run Faster

#FPF – Week 28

Last Saturday, Julie and I got a chance to meet one of our favorite new artists [Bishop Briggs] at the 97x “Next Big Thing” event in Tampa.  She was the main reason we were there, but it was a total fluke (and a great treat) that we actually got to go back stage and be introduced.

As we made our way back to our seats (smiles from ear to ear) I found myself humming one of her songs “Wild Horses” – the chorus: “wild horses… run faster, run faster…”

I started thinking about the lyrics and their significance… and in that instance – a Fist Pump Friday topic was born!

Wild Horses Run Faster

It’s true… wild horses DO run faster than domesticated horses… Why?  Because they’ve never had boundaries imposed on them…  Domesticated horses however, have been taught from a very young age what we, as humans, perceive as “fast” (or too fast) – setting limits and ultimately stunting their performance.  A wild horse doesn’t wait for (nor does it seek) approval or correction from other beings – it just GOES!

The point?  Fortune favors those who fail fast, correct, and keep moving forward.  Speed.  It’s time to be more like the wild horses and focus less on the limitations others impose on us.  We will all run faster for it!

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!