Welcome to Fist Pump Friday · Fist Pump Friday

Welcome to Fist Pump Friday

#FPF – Welcome – Let it Begin…

As the owner of a creative agency here in Sarasota, I often encounter clients (and friends) that struggle to maximize their marketing and leadership efforts for their company, causing them to flounder with initiatives that are not driving meaningful engagements and ultimately causing them to miss out on critical sales for their organization.  If only there was a way for us to share our collective knowledge on a bigger scale…

Introducing: Fist Pump Friday – a new online series designed with the goal of helping small to medium-sized businesses regain the valuable time lost by going in the wrong direction and discover ways to more effectively manage their marketing efforts in the future.

Throughout each week, you will receive a short, digest-style email (delivered on [you guessed it,] Friday) with helpful tips, resources and insights from both the Captivation Team, as well as key individuals from industries like yours.

Now here’s the fun part – you control what topics we cover!  The last FPF email of the month will feature a video that highlights the most popular questions from the previous weeks, which means we need your help.

Please assist us in kicking things off by either replying to this message or sending an email to pump@captivationmedia.com and tell us what marketing/advertising topics you’d like to learn more about.

We are very excited to begin collecting your feedback and thank you in advance for your participation and support.

Why “Fist Pump” Friday you ask?  Because I’m a Jersey Boy of course!  Have a great weekend and talk to you soon!

Kind Regards,

— Jim @ Captivation