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[This Holiday Season] Think Like Your Consumer

#FPF – Week 76

Whether you’re braving the crowds yourself today (Black Friday) or working in a business that’s attracting customers to your establishment, the Holiday shopping season is now in full swing.

As we look at how to attract more customers to our own business during the last few months of the year, it’s important to put ourselves in the heads of our clients/customers.  Here is a list of thoughts that your ideal customers are having:

“I’m Making a Budget for Gifts this Year”

With people needing to budget for seasonal spending, how can you leverage special promotions, offers and bundles to ensure people are not only getting value per dollar but also choosing to buy and share your offers, rather than your competitors’s?

“I’m Not Sure I Even Need to Go to the Store to Get the Deals”

With so many retailers focusing on deals that keep people at home, how can you leverage the power of your physical location (if applicable) to drive sales with special “in-store only” offers?  This gives you unique opportunities to build face to face relationships with your customer base and potentially drive the average cost of sale higher than a one-dimensional sale online.

“I Don’t Have to Research, My Friends Will Find the Best Deals and Let Me Know”

The power the mobile device has on your business to drive sales this Holiday season is immense and something not to be overlooked.  People love being a source for great tips and referrals, so it’s only natural that when they spot a good deal, they’d want to share that with Facebook friends and closest friends on chat or text.  Why not create offers that reward the customer for sharing?

The more you think about your clients/customers the more opportunities you will uncover to amaze and delight them this Holiday.

Thank you for reading this and be safe this Black Friday weekend!