The Why Leads the How (and the What) · Fist Pump Friday

The Why Leads the How (and the What)

#FPF – Week 74

The Holidays are almost in full swing once again! (how did that happen?)

Chances are people are already starting to seek out the things you have to offer.  Whether it’s a gift for a loved one, a dinner option for visiting family members or a non-profit to share time/talent/treasure with – you are about to be on the radar more so nowthan potentially this entire year combined.  This is your “superbowl” time.

That being said, this is your time to share your “Why” with the masses.  Your “Why” is what drives you to get out of bed every day.  It’s your North Star… It’s also the thing that differentiates you from all of the competitors in your space.  It’s the stuff tribes are made of.  The more you connect potential (and existing) clients/customers with your why, the more they will feel compelled to buy from you – and help others to buy from you as well!

For our clients, it’s often hard (at first) to think about making themselves vulnerable in telling the REAL reason they are in business [what if people don’t support our reason?] [what if my story isn’t compelling/interesting enough?] [how do I even go about sharing my story?]

The first step is committing to sharing your story.  The next is how, and in what forms?  Here are a few ideas for you to try over the next few weeks – while new tribe members are ripe for the picking:

  • Video – this doesn’t (always) need to be shot in a studio.  Selfie-style videos can also be very effective if the message is right.  Come from a humble place and speak to the camera as if you were speaking to your ideal client/customer.  Not everyone will connect, but the right ones inevitably will.
  • Blogs – talk about why you do what you do and what you’re most thankful for each day you come to work.  Speak from the heart and ask them to reply to your article with what they would like to see from your organization in the future.
  • Social Media/eBlasts – now that you have the top 2 bullets figured out, you’ve got some great new content to share on your socials and email lists!  Think about what content would work best for each platform and how to use that content in fun and engaging ways to garner new feedback from your community. Send out an email promotion that features a special offer from a specific member of your team and have that person tailor the message to them – have fun with it!

The Point?

Your business is just that – Yours.  Now is the perfect time to tell your story.  So, tell it!

Thank you for reading this and have a great weekend!