The Gold Rush Brain Shift · Fist Pump Friday

The Gold Rush Brain Shift

#FPF – Week 69

Whether we’re talking about the California gold rush of the mid 1800’s, or the “digital gold rush” associated with creating the next Facebook or the next voice-activated algorithm – there is allure in the potential for big money and opportunity.

The biggest opportunity however, comes in the form of businesses that far fewer are thinking about.

What do I mean?

Most people are all too focused on following the “herd” and taking their role as a miner – crouching by the riverside for hours on end with the hopes of striking it rich, when the real revenue opportunity resides not with the miner, but with the seller of the pans, the shovels, the pack mules, etc…


The Point?

Chances are you are competing in a “gold rush” of your own with the other businesses in your space.

How can you shift thinking and efforts to think more like the equipment salesman in the outpost, than the miner by the river?  The real breakthrough may be just around the bend!

Thank you for reading this and enjoy your weekend!