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Star Players Know Their Stats

#FPF – Week 43

We are all on the constant grind of becoming the “star player” within our organization, or within a given industry.  So many of us do this blindly – as if it is all we know.  We are pre-programmed to get out of bed and push the ball forward every day in the best way we know how, but when asked details about the real measurables (the “stats”) that show how we stack up to others, very few people really know their numbers.

Look at an elite athlete on the other hand.  Regardless of what sport or level of play, if they are serious about being the best they can be – they will know their stats and how they measure up – down to their very latest performance.  Star players live and die by the numbers.  After all, it dictates how far they will go in the game and further solidifies them as a “legend” or just another player who tried to make it.

Star Players Know Their Stats
Photo Credit: The Info Monkey

In business, the “numbers” are often things we don’t publicize in the same way we do a batting average, but it is every bit as important.  It keeps you focused on your goals and provides a glimpse into the overall health of your organization – often providing early warning signs of things that need to be corrected.

What measurables are you missing for your business/department/self?  The sooner you know the sooner you can accelerate growth and minimize speed bumps.

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!