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Shift Happens, Embrace It!

#FPF – Week 16

During our recent travels through Maine, we had the privilege of taking a walk around Jordan Pond (pictured below) – located in the heart of Acadia National Park.

Jordan Pond, Acadia National Park

While on our walk, we happened upon a tree [shocking right?], but this was unlike all of the other trees we had passed.  This tree had found itself trying to grow in an environment that did not afford it the head room needed to truly thrive.

So how did this tree grow? Like this of course:

Shift Happens

Analyzing the photo above, the theme behind this week’s message becoming explicitly clear – shift happens.

We’re rarely given the luxury of an environment needed to reach straight for the sky, there’s inevitably obstacles that get in our way.  The key however, is to assess the surroundings, embrace the shift, pivot for as long as it takes and then keep reaching for the clouds.  After all, if the simplest of living organisms have the ability to overcome [as proven here], there’s no reason that we can’t do it also. Shift. Pivot. Reach. Repeat.

Thank you reading and have a great weekend!

Shift Happens, Embrace it!
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Shift Happens, Embrace it!
In business or life in general, things don't always go the way we think they will. That doesn't mean that you should stop pushing forward to the clouds. Shift, pivot, reach, repeat.
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