Pilots and Passengers · Fist Pump Friday

Pilots and Passengers

#FPF – Week 67

It goes without saying that this has been a busy week for all of our Florida friends.

I am thankful to report that we were able to get back to working order at the studio as of Tuesdaymorning!  My dad and his wife saved our bacon prior to that by providing us with an air-conditioned space with internet, big enough for all of us to work.  Thank you Dad & Kim, we really appreciate you!

In talking with my dad about the different ways people were dealing with their particular situations after the storm and how it was affecting the running or their business (some, totally shutting down and waiting for assistance, while others [like us] dug in and got back to the grind regardless of goofy  circumstance).

Being a long-time aviator himself, he smirked and said:

“You know, in life, you’re either a pilot, a co-pilot or a passenger…”    

The Point?

If you spend your time starring at the back of people’s heads – you are not the pilot.

When you’re a business owner, you need to be the pilot.  If you’re a high-level manager within your organization, you are a co-pilot.  If you are a support team member – happy to let someone else do the “flying”, you are the passenger.

Granted there is a certain symbiosis that accompanies these levels, but with enough observation and interest, the passenger can become the co-pilot, and then the pilot.

It’s time to take a more firm grasp of the sticks and climb to new heights!

Thank you for reading this and enjoy your weekend!