Milk and Eggs · Fist Pump Friday

Milk and Eggs

#FPF – Week 37

Imagine if you will, the inside of your local grocery store.  Picture its layout in your head…

Now imagine the path you would take if I asked you to go find the milk or the eggs…

You may not have noticed until just now, that the location of the milk and/or eggs is strategically positioned in almost every grocery store in relatively the same place – in the back of the store.


Because these two items are the most widely purchased products in the store, by the largest number of individual customers per visit.

At this point, the impatient shopper in you might ask:

“If it’s the most purchased item in the store – why don’t they put it closer so I can get in and out faster?”

Because it is not in the store’s best interest to get you out faster… it’s in their best interest to sell you the most stuff while you’re there 😉

As anyone who has ever gone to the store while hungry will tell you – the term “food freaking” is a real thing…  You think you are just going to “swing by” to pick up some milk and eggs on your way home from work – when instead you find yourself stumbling down the aisle, both arms full of:

  • a jug of milk
  • a carton of eggs
  • a tub of hummus
  • a birthday cake
  • 3 bags of Cheetos
  • a bag of double-stuffed
  • and a Hershey bar

[simply put – you food freaked..]

The more time the grocery store can not only keep you in the store, but force you to walk past more items – the better…

The Point?

What are the “milk and eggs” products that your company sells to your customers?  (the things that they would come to you for regardless)  Are you giving them enough opportunities to see other things on their way to the “milk and eggs”?

If not, it’s time to move the items people are buying anyway further “back in the store” – opening up opportunities to sell everything else you have to offer… Those things with higher margins!

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!