Martin Parking Karma · Fist Pump Friday

Martin Parking Karma

#FPF – Week 66

While visiting my Uncle Jeff and Aunt Elizabeth one summer, I was introduced to what they referred to as “Martin Parking Karma”.  It’s the concept that when entering a crowded parking lot, you envision your ideal spot opening up and becoming available to you.  After witnessing this phenomenon several times during our trip, I quickly became a believer and adopted the concept for my every day use.

Now, without hesitation, Julie and I will enter a parking lot invoking “Martin Parking Karma” and as consistent as gravity, our ideal spot opens up 99% of the time.

The Point?

The universe has a funny way of manifesting what you focus on – good or bad.  That being said, it’s important that we spend our time focusing on things that we want to attract into our lives as opposed to things that make us unhappy/fearful/upset/anxious as the universe will oblige either way.

I encourage you the next time you enter a parking lot to also invoke “[Your Last Name Here] Parking Karma” for your own benefit and watch in delight with the outcome that follows.

Thank you for reading this and enjoy your weekend!