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Market in the Year that You Live in…

#FPF – Week 1

Hope you and yours had a great Holiday weekend (I personally have been a day behind all week!)

I am excited to be writing my first Fist Pump Friday email article and  ‘thank you’ to everyone who watched our intro video last week and wrote in with questions for future eBlasts and episodes!  We hope that you find these emails to be both helpful and actionable as you continue growing your business.

And now… on with this week’s message.

Market in the year you live in

Play in the White Space…

As the title of the email states – as a business owner it is super important for you to be marketing your business in the year that we live in.  What does that mean?  It means that with tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Pinterest Analytics and platforms like SimplyMeasured for sites like Instagram – there is a huge opportunity to gain valuable insight into your client’s and customer’s behaviors that isn’t being utilized by nearly enough people.  We refer to this opportunity as the “white space” and if you are not playing in the white space, you are leaving yourself very vulnerable for a competitor to gain a critical advantage over you.

In most cases, your business doesn’t just apply to one user graph.  Even if you’re only selling one product, you (most likely) still have many potential clients or customers that are consuming what you have to offer.  With that being said, why would you market to each of those groups with exactly the same message and get lost in the noise?  By analyzing the data you already have access to (through the tools above), you can begin to establish more defined verticals and personas and tailor more meaningful engagements with your sub-groups.

Fishing with the Right Bait…

Coming from a long line of commercial fisherman, I learned from a very early age the importance of choosing the optimal bait for the fish you’d like to catch.  Today’s marketing efforts are no different.  Once you have effectively segmented your audience down, you will then begin to discover what it is about the products or services you offer that are important/appealing to your users.  Once you have that info, creating an ad that gets more clicks becomes a whole lot easier!

Putting it All Together…

Here’s a practical example for you – say you own a company that makes fitness equipment.

Without Segmentation…

…Your product is marketed like many others in your space:

  • “Looking to get in shape? Buy Now!”

With Analytics and Segmentation…

…You uncover that your 2 largest bases of customers come from Crossfit enthusiasts and moms looking to get back into shape after their pregnancy.  Accordingly, the generic ad from above is replaced by 2 new, more targeted ads like the following:

  • “Love Crossfit?  Train Like a Beast with XYZ Fitness Products – Learn More”
  • “5 Exercises to Get Your Tummy Back – Learn More”

Give it a Shot!

There is no better time to start segmenting your marketing than right now!  Fire up your browser, dig into your data and start capitalizing on engaging the right person, with the right messaging at the right time.  Because if you don’t, there’s a strong chance your competitor will.

Thank you for your time and have a great weekend!

Kind Regards,

— Jim @ Captivation