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Instagram Announces IGTV

#FPF – Week 106

Just a couple of days ago, on June 20th Instagram’s CEO, Kevin Systrom announced the launch of their new video platform: IGTV!

With younger users of their platform watching an average of 4 hours of video a day via a mobile device, IGTV aims to take some of the market share from YouTube by offering a unique alternative that features full-screen vertical video.

Most of us have an easier time holding our phones in this orientation anyway and it’s IGTV’s hope that you will choose to create and deploy more video content on their environment for this very reason (along with other features such as content discovery and support for long-form video content, currently up to ten minutes in length).

Want to know more? Click the video below for a brief overview of how to get started with IGTV:

Thank you for watching and have a great week ahead!