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If You Are in a Hurry, You Are in Danger

#FPF – Week 8

Hey There!

If you are in a hurry, you are in danger.

This saying was first introduced to me by my dad (also Jim Martin, pictured below).

Jim Martin and Jim Martin

I’m not 100% certain what the original context was, but I remember his cadence: “If you are in a hurry……. You are in danger…..”  This phrase has stuck with me throughout my life and is now something I find myself saying to team members, colleagues and clients whenever relevant.

Whether you are in a hurry…

  • In your car – you are in danger of getting into an accident or getting pulled over (or both).
  • Trying to get a project out the door – you are in danger of spelling errors or missing other critical details.
  • Taking your SAT’s – you are in danger of forgetting to write your name on the first page.

Yes, we live in an world that rewards speed, but the rewards are short-lived if your actions are riddled with mistakes or errors in judgment.  Perfect execution lies at the intersection between speed and accuracy, nothing more, nothing less.

Here are a Few Tips…

…to maximize your own personal equilibrium:

  • Take Notes – ensure that you understand and outline the job at hand to most effectively communicate what needs to be done to other individuals on your team.
  • Make Lists – whether by handwritten note, Evernote entry or Slack Channel; writing your goals down allows you to organize your thoughts and determine what aspects of your project can be delegated to key individuals within your organization.
  • Set Deadlines – even if there is no set client deadline, setting an internal or personal deadline allows you to move your action items to completion and avoids them getting caught in the downward spiral that is “I’ll get to it tomorrow“.

Slow Down, This is a Neighborhood!

The next time you find yourself blindly barreling into a frantic rush, remember this email [and slow it the hell down].  Have a great weekend and get ready for #FPF Webisode 2 dropping next week!

Kind Regards,

Jim @ Captivation

If You Are in a Hurry, You Are in Danger
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If You Are in a Hurry, You Are in Danger
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