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Google Be Shiftin’

#FPF – Week 94

Google has been telling us for a while now that businesses need to be focused on optimizing for the mobile user (as over 60% of the searches performed on the platform globally are done via a mobile device).  This week, we received confirmation that websites are being transitioned to their new “mobile-first” index.

This marks a distinct evolution within the search index – gathering results via a new “mobile” search bot which will have a myriad of new ranking signals to leverage (geolocation, loading speed, content tagging, etc).  These new signals will help Google deliver a more rich and immersive discovery experience to the end user.

What Does It Mean for Your Site?

Google has already begun moving sites to this new index, so if your site is not yet mobile compatible (meaning it does not have a mobile stylesheet) you will soon find yourself much further down in the search results.


Not Sure Your Site is Mobile-Friendly?

Use the “mobile-friendly test” tool to ensure your site is ready.  If it isn’t, you will be presented with a list of items to fix.


Send me an email, or call me, I am happy to talk you through it!

Thank you for reading this and have a great weekend!