#FistPumpFriday Turns One Today! · Fist Pump Friday

#FistPumpFriday Turns One Today!

#FPF – Week 52

It’s hard to believe that 52 weeks ago, I started this journey – writing an article a week – posting it across the web via the FistPumpFriday.io archive site, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Stitcher.

(Below, my first piece of content for #FPF ever…)

As I’ve mentioned before, I refer to this project as somewhat of a social experiment – an experiment to determine:

  1. Could I actually do it each week?
  2. Could I continue to put out content that would be meaningful/add value to people?

I wasn’t 100% certain of what would come out of this process, aside from a lot of my words out in the wild, but what did come out was truly beyond my expectations.  With almost every article I wrote, at least 1 person would reply and tell me what what I had written helped them with something they were trying to figure out or overcome.  That 1 or 2 or 10 people that week supplied the fuel needed for me to write another article the following week.

What I Have Learned Thus Far…

There is at least one thing I can write about each week 😉 and that for some of you reading this what I have had to say has helped you level-up your personal and professional relationships.  That fact alone has made this whole thing worth it.

From a personal brand/marketing perspectiveLet me be very clear in stating again that I do not (nor do I intend to) sell anything via my articles.  This weekly exercise however has allowed me the ability to experiment with remixing content for different mediums.

My written articles are sent out via email and posted on my blog, the content from the articles is paraphrased in my article recap videos on YouTube and finally the audio from the video is posted on Stitcher for those that want to listen to the content in the form of a podcast.

As #FistPumpFriday turns [one] today, I am very thankful to have your support and encouragement to continue this project into the foreseeable future.  That being said…

What Additional Value Can I Bring You?

Seriously.  What can I talk about in future content that will be of most value to you?  I would love to hear your ideas and I greatly appreciate your feedback!

Thank You!

Thank you very, very much for your support, your feedback and your encouragement.  You continue to be the reason why I do what I do and I am truly grateful.  Enjoy your weekend!