Confident Over Cocky · Fist Pump Friday

Confident Over Cocky

#FPF – Week 35

Confidence is a trait that many have yet to fully master.  Too little confidence and you appear introverted, too much and you’re a jerk…

Take the individual featured in this video from 2008:


His big ego and brash personality quickly landed this interview in viral status, but does it make you want to do business with him?  Me, I’m honestly 50/50…

Sure, his performance may make you want to punch him in the face, but I bet he’s a funny dude to hang out with nonetheless (provided you don’t show him your business card)  😉

In all seriousness, the confidence you exude in every engagement can be the variable that either wins you opportunities, or loses them.

The Confidence Equation

To ensure we are all winning the confidence game – let’s take a look at what attributes exist in all (truly) confident people:

  • Expert Knowledge of the Subject Matter – A smart mentor of mine (when I asked him about confidence) said “I only provide feedback and commentary to subjects that I know something about…”  Sounds obvious, but it becomes abundantly clear when someone is talking “confidently” about something they know nothing about and in an instant – all of their credibility is lost.
  • The Ability to Listen – As I have mentioned before, my mom always used to say “Why do we have two ears and one mouth? Because we’re supposed to listen twice as much as we talk…”  Take interest in what people around you are saying, because after all – it’s not all about you..
  • Humility – When you (really) start listening to people, you will undoubtedly find that your opinions aren’t the only valid ones in the room.  The level of humility it takes to have such realizations is imperative to being comfortable in your own skin.

It takes time and practice of course, but as long as you’re not acting like the goofball in the above video – I’d say you’re well on your way!

Thank you for reading/watching and have a great weekend!