Bringing it Back to One · Fist Pump Friday

Bringing it Back to One

#FPF – Week 103

Today marks 103 weeks of #FPF and in taking a look back to week 1 – where I asked everyone to write in with questions regarding their small/medium business marketing, I’d like to take things a step further today.

For the first 5 people to reply to this email,  I will be scheduling a special one-hour consult with each (either at our studio or over the phone) to really dig into the items you’re trying to figure out for your business marketing and offer any insights that we can during our time together.  I expect nothing in return.  I simply appreciate you taking the time to read these emails every week and if there is something I can do for you – I am happy to!

Thank you again for reading this and hope you have a great week ahead!