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Always B Testing…

#FPF – Week 82

Happy New Year!  Hope yours is off to a great start.

As you know, for the vast majority of the last 81 articles I have written and delivered to your inbox have been deployed very early in the morning.  This was originally decided from an educated guess that most of the people receiving these messages are hustlers (in a good way) like me and would prefer to get these messages when they first wake up.

My hypothesis was right, as the data on open rates and interactions with you via your replies has underscored that early morning is a good time to reach you.

But what if there was another time that would be even better?  What if I could get in front of even more of you consistently and not get buried in your inbox among a sea of other messages?  That’s where the “B-Test” (and this email) comes in.

We all know (or claim to know) our customers better than anyone else and base our marketing decisions off of that information, but if we never tested other possible usage habits, then how can we really be sure that our efforts are maximized?

B-testing allows you to either reaffirm your methodologies and/or find new opportunities for engagement.  These tests aren’t only limited to Adwords and Facebook campaigns, but right down to the color choice of a product being released.

Say you’re a t-shirt designer.  You know that black shirts are your most popular color and sell the best, but you also have just received a new “smoke gray” shirt that you’ve never had access to before.  Why not print your shirt design on both, take a picture of them and poll your social feed with which one they like the best?  You can then make a ordering/forecasting decision armed with the newly gathered metrics and (in theory) sell more shirts!

Say you’re a consultant.  Take 10 of your best (champion) clients out to lunch and present to them two options for additional services you can bring them this year.  The one they pick will be telling of not only what your other champion clients will be excited to see from you, but also help in attracting new (like-minded) clients you would love working with.

Always B testing…

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!