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Webisode 1 – WordPress Vs Free Website Builders and Effective Email Marketing

#FPF – Week 4 Hey! Hope you had a great week.  As promised in last week’s message – I am excited to share Webisode 1 of Fist Pump Friday: Video Transcript: What’s up everybody?  This is Jim Martin from Captivation Media with our very first Fist Pump Friday. We’re super excited to be delivering this … Continue reading “Webisode 1 – WordPress Vs Free Website Builders and Effective Email Marketing”

Brand Ambassadors? Start from Within!

#FPF – Week 2 It’s FPF and today, we’re talking about building brand ambassadors from  within your organization. Whether you have hundreds of employees or just a couple of interns, the individuals that work for your company interact with people on a level far beyond your brand’s general area of influence.  What are they saying … Continue reading “Brand Ambassadors? Start from Within!”

Market in the Year that You Live in…

#FPF – Week 1 Hope you and yours had a great Holiday weekend (I personally have been a day behind all week!) I am excited to be writing my first Fist Pump Friday email article and  ‘thank you’ to everyone who watched our intro video last week and wrote in with questions for future eBlasts and … Continue reading “Market in the Year that You Live in…”

Welcome to Fist Pump Friday

#FPF – Welcome – Let it Begin… As the owner of a creative agency here in Sarasota, I often encounter clients (and friends) that struggle to maximize their marketing and leadership efforts for their company, causing them to flounder with initiatives that are not driving meaningful engagements and ultimately causing them to miss out on … Continue reading “Welcome to Fist Pump Friday”